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Naughty Girl Spaghetti String Dress O/S (Net) BH69375SD

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Naughty Girl Spaghetti String Dress

Naughty Girl Spaghetti String Dress O/S from Beverly Hills Naughty Girl Lingerie line. This dress is made of very durable and stretchy Nylon, Spandex. It was designed to show just enough of your sexy curves that will tease your partner. It shows your sexy hips, and hugs your butt. It lets your partner want it bad enough. And it will get naughty and hot. One size fits most. 90 pounds to 160 pounds. Fabric content 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex. Washing instructions: hand wash warm water. Drip dry. Do not iron. For long durability and enjoyment of this dress, follow the washing instructions.