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Pajamas Morocco Set Red

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Pajamas Morocco Set Red 2Xl

Sexy, and at the same time, wonderfully comfortable viscose set, dedicated to women who like to introduce fresh ideas into their night lingerie collection. The set is composed of longer shirt and pants (boxer shorts). The shirt entwines in a way which covers buttocks. So if you are in a right mood, you can wear just the shirtÂ… Décolletage is sensually underlined by soft black frill in flower theme, whereas the bottom of the shirt is finished with black tasteful frill which makes it light and delicate. Morocco set is a blend of elegance, comfort and sensuality. There is no doubt that this combination will be a nice accent in your bedroom... Set is packaged in nice and large box, so itÂ’s perfect as a gift. Style: comfortable, well-fits appropriate parts of body provides high wearing comfort deep, lacy décolletage shirt finishing made of delicate frill total length of the shirt measured on the side seam: 51cm  Fabric: high quality breathable viscose, so called “wood silk” appropriate softness and elasticity lightness, breathability  Additional features: the set includes pants decorated with frill adjustable shoulder straps lingerie is packaged in a beautiful, large box (perfect as a gift).