Super Shiny Open Crotch Pantyhose

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Shiny Open Crotch Pantyhose Side Black

These Super Shiny Open Crotch Pantyhose With A Floral Waistband Will Sure Become A Sexy And Sophisticated Addition To Any Wardrobe. Silky And Soft To The Touch They Look Extremely Transparent And Feel Smooth Against Your Skin. The Lace Waistband Contains A Silicone Strip For The Impeccable, Non Slipping Fit. The Crotchless Design Creates A Seamless Look Under Any Garment. You Won't Go Wrong If You Wear Them For An Intimate Occasion Or As A Casual Style 



Glossy Finish

Invisibly Reinforced Toe

Suspender Crotchless Tights

Thickness : 20 Den
Material : 80% Polamid, 20% Elastan

Colors: Beige, Black, Red, Gray, Dark Gray, White

Sizes: S/M, L/XL