The Adrian Brand made in Poland was established in 1984 with high quality standards of producing a wide range of Tights, Stockings, Hold Ups.With a variety of different colors from True White to Fumo a Dark Grey color close to Antracite, will simply add a slightly grey tone to your skin and help you achieve the desired grey accent you always wanted for some of your outfits.

Our True Black color Nero will add a smooth Black sheer veil over your skin while our Opaque products will completely block your skin colors. If you have pale skin and would like to achieve absolutely  bare look our Lion color maybe too dark for you. Also you may want to try Fumo-Nero color which is a combination of grey color and black details.

Bianco are The True White Color. Transparent items of white will appear as a mix of your Skin color with White. The darker your skin, the more off White you will look.