Hosiery Sizing Charts Of Your Favorite Brands




Determining Your Hosiery Size Ensure Smoother And Shapelier Legs By Choosing Well-Fitting Hosiery That Addresses Your Comfort And Fashion Needs. The Size Of Your Hosiery Largely Depends On The Specifications Listed On The Product Package. Some Items May Use Your Foot Size, Hip Measurements, Height, Weight, Dress Size, Or A Combination Of These Numbers In Determining The Right Fit.

We Strongly Recommend Having These Sizes And Measurements On Hand When Buying Hosiery And Having Someone Else Assist You And Take Down Your Measurements, For More Accurate Results.

Determining Your Weight Stand On A Weighing Scale Without Jewelry Or Heavy Clothing On To Get An Accurate Reading. Have Someone Else Record The Result. Measuring Your Height Stand Straight With Your Back Against The Wall. Ask Your Companion To Place A Ruler On Top Of Your Head And Mark The Spot Where Your Head Meets The Wall.

Using A Ruler, Measure The Distance Between The Floor And The Mark In Inches. Denier The Degree Of Coverage Provided By Your Hosiery Is Determined By Denier. Keep These Numbers In Mind:

Less Than 10 Denier - Ultra Sheer Ideal For Achieving A Bare Leg Look

10-20 Denier – Sheer Perfect For Everyday Wear, Especially During Summer

21-40 Denier - Semi-Opaque Gives Your Legs More Coverage, But Your Skin Remains Quite Visible

41-69 Denier – Opaque Gives Great Coverage, And Your Skin Will Be Less Visible

70-99 Denier - Thick Opaque Extra Durable, Ideal For Keeping Your Legs Protected From The Elements, Gives Your Legs A Clear Outline

100 Denier Plus - Mega Thick Opaque Perfect For Winter, Great Alternatives To Leggings And Woolly Tights; Gives Legs Complete Coverage.

Hosiery Sizing Charts of Your Favorite Brands

For your convenience, we've listed down the sizing charts of your favorite hosiery brands here. Please click on the brand to view the sizing chart.


Final Word on Hosiery Sizing

Our hosiery sizing chart are meant to be only a guide as stocking fit and sizing may vary across brands. For accuracy, please take your own measurements and refer to manufacturer-provided sizing charts of your chosen products.