Agimin Dahila Pink Bodysuit

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LivCo Corsetti
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Agimin Dahila Pink Bodysuit 1

A subtle, romantic outfit for an evening for two? You can be airy and delicate, and at the same time tempt with an effective, sensual accessory. The unique bodysuit with thin straps from the Livco Corsetti collection is an offer for people who value the highest quality of materials, precision of workmanship, as well as unique style.

The timeless, creamy shade, combined with fashionable lace, impresses with its unusual visual effect, perfectly suited to both ladies with swarthy skin and dark hair, as well as blondes. Sensual transparencies make the bodysuit beautifully expose the advantages of the female figure, while leaving a bit of mystery. Perfect combinations of patterns perfectly fit into a subtle, phenomenal whole.

Choose a sexy bodysuit with nude straps so that under your evening outfit there is lingerie that is glamorous and at the same time delicate like you. Your choice will make you feel special. In the Agimin bodysuit, available in two sizes, you will exude confidence.

Composition: 88% POLYESTER 12% ELASTANE