Ballerina Deluxe Tights Nero (black) / Skin

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Ballerina Tights Nero (black) / Skin #460

A bold pair of tights in Nero (Black) / Skin with a striking stripe design at the crotch and on the thighs, which can be found at the front and the back. Includes a thick waistband and is finished with a fancy floral pattern above the knee. The rest of the leg is in a bold black colour. The skin part of the tights is 20 denier and the bolder pattern is 60 denier. This product is presented in luxury embossed packaging with a picture insert..

Den 20/40

Color: Skin/Black

Size: S/M to L/XL (See Size Chart)

Material: 79% Polyamide 18% Elastane 3% Cotton Gusett