Cousin Body (microfibre + Lace)

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Cousin Body (microfibre + Lace)1

A skimpy but stylish and intriguing body. The larger part is made of transparent lace, tied at the front with flat hem. Whereas the bust and lower part of the body are made of a very pleasant to the touch and soft microfiber. The whole rests on delicate, adjustable straps, also made of microfiber.

A creation rather for ladies who want to show off in the bedroom with a bit of an exclusive style. For the bolder among them the body certainly has more uses due to its sophisticated nature, although not all of us want to reveal this kind of a trait while not at home.

However, it is certainly a piece of clothing that should be hanging in the closet for special occasions. Maybe you have one coming up in your calendar soon? :)

The design:

  • sensual, sexy
  • luxury
  • length measured from the armpit down: approx. 11,5 in.

 The fabric:

  • softer than silk, extremely soft microfiber
  • soft lace
  • ideal for allergy sufferers – non-irritating
  • lightness, air permeability
  • resisting deformation

 Extra product features:

  • lace
  • adjustable hook and eye closure in the crotch
  • underwear packed in a beautiful, big box (ideal as a gift)
  • microfibre: 87% poliamid, 13% elastan.