Drimina Lace Black Bodysuit

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LivCo Corsetti
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Drimina Lace Black Bodysuit 1

Lace bodysuit with blue elements

The presented bodysuit is perfect for women looking for unusual styles in their wardrobe. In this model, the monotony is broken thanks to the combination of lace, tulle and blue elements, which introduce a dose of originality. The body has been clearly divided into segments by the already mentioned details to emphasize the priority of each of them. Lace at the ends of the sleeves and at the back adds chic and elegance, while the insert at the front is intended to cover the breasts and support them properly. Tulle on the belly, under the neck and prevailing on the sleeves adds mystery, covering the female body to some extent. Meanwhile, the blue inserts in the lower part are a kind of panties that provide protection and complete coverage of the bikini area. Comfortable ties are also made of the same material - one around the neck and the other in the middle of the back - firmly holding the entire bodysuit on the body. This outfit will certainly appeal to women who would like more finesse and at the same time a bit of elegance in their wardrobe.

Composition: 90% POLYAMIDE 10% ELASTANE