Nolesan Sexy Dressing Gown

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LivCo Corsetti
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LivCo Corsetti Fashion Nolesan Sexy Dressing Gown1

The Nolesan Intense Collection bathrobe is a high-class product that gives an elegant impression at first glance. It gives women self-confidence and perfectly emphasizes the sensuality of the female figure. The bathrobe will work well both during passionate experiences and during a lazy evening in front of the TV. It is made of materials that are pleasant to the body and make it comfortable to wear.

The Nolesan Intense Collection bathrobe is famous for its sexy character, igniting the senses of every partner. Its delicately pink, slightly matte color harmonizes perfectly with all types of skin tones, attracts attention and encourages admiration. The bathrobe was cut to perfectly emphasize the beauty of women's legs. Delicate, lace decorations placed on the back of the product add a noticeable touch of glamor style.

The product was designed by LivCo Corsetti Fashion, a fashion house that pays as much attention to the sexy appearance of lingerie as to its comfort and functionality.

Composition: 88% POLYESTER 12% ELASTANE