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Pajamas Altea Set Red

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ltea Set Red

Original lingerie made for lovers of exquisite style and comfort. The combination made from body friendly viscose with alluring decoration in form of a deep lace cleavage will satisfy the taste of every woman. Depending on own preferences or mood you may decide how you want to wear it yourself – you can adjust the separating line with an elastic at waist or hips. The Altea set will prove perfect both as pyjamas and a seductive part of your wardrobe for a romantic evening. Style: comfortable, well–fits appropriate parts of body provides high wearing comfort cleavage decorated with delicate lace in floral pattern total length measured to the elastic separating line along the side seam: 36cm total length of shorts measured along the side seam: 26cm.  The Fabric: high quality breathable viscose, so called “wood silk” appropriate softness and elasticity lightness, breathability  Additional features: cleavage finished with delicate lace in floral pattern lingerie is packaged in beautiful, large box (perfect as a gift) fabric composition: 95% viscose, 5% elastane.